Olympic Park

To get to the Olympic Park Spectators must have a Spectator Pass plus:

a ticket to a competition on the current date or
an official invitation to the Olympic Park or
a ticket to the Olympic Park.
Olympic Park ticket's price is 200 RUB.

Medals Plaza in the Olympic Park

The Medals Plaza is located in the very center of the Olympic Park. During the day, from 13:00 to 17:00, the Medals Plaza works as a Live Site, where you can watch the competition live feed from both Clusters. From 19:00 the evening shows begin – entertainment by the best performers of Russia, showing the many aspects of the cultural life of the country. Followed by the awards Ceremony and a headliners concert. Every evening more than 20 000 people will come together at the award Ceremony.

Schedule of Medals Plaza 08.02.2014 to 22.02.2014

Time Event
13.00-17.00 Live feed of the Olympic Winter Games
19:00-20.00 Performance of the best ensembles, showing all the aspects of the multinational traditions of the Russian regions.
20.15-21.30 Live feed of award ceremony
21:30 - 23:00 Gala – concert of Russian and international performers

Hospitality Houses

National Olympic Committee Hospitality Houses are part of a popular hospitality program conducted during the Games that is organized by the National Olympic Committees. The program of Houses may include the organization of activities for members of the team, and winners of the Games, events for the general public, concerts, sales of the Houses’ own souvenirs, food and beverages and the organization of cultural and educational activities. Houses can be either free for the Olympic Park spectators and visitors to access or they can have limited access by invitation only. Currently the Olympic Park includes: NOC Hospitality Houses of Russia, Krasnodar Region Hospitality House, Switzerland, PyeongChang 2018 Organizing Committee, Japan House.

Joint activities with the Theme Park

The Olympic Park also contains the Sochi Park Theme Park. Olympic Park visitors can access the Sochi Park Theme Park area for free. In the Sochi Park Theme Park visitors can stroll through the Enchanted Labyrinth, which is based on Pushkin’s fairy tales; a well-appointed landscaped park with a man-made lake; ride carousels; and watch a variety of shows in the Theme Park’s theme areas. The Theme Park’s entertainment program includes performances by 150 artists from different regions of Russia.

The Residence of Ded Moroz

Ded Moroz is one of the brightest and most popular symbols of winter in Russia. In view of the great popularity of the character among children, his residence in the Olympic Park will be a major attraction for the youngest guests of the Games.

Exhibition of the Russian regions

The Exhibition will allow the participants and guests of the Games to get acquainted with the cultural and ethnical diversity of Russia, the traditions of its indigenous ethnic groups, and the touristic highlights attractiveness of Russia and its innovative potential.

Sochi 2014 Marketing Partners Showcasing

Exhibition pavilions of Sochi 2014 Marketing Partners are located inside the Olympic Park and are operated by the Partners during
the Games time period. There will be around 10 pavilions during Olympic Games. Inside the pavilions Partners demonstrate their own products and services to the Games' visitors in an interactive and attractive manner.

Games visitors will have a unique opportunity to participate in special interactive entertainment provided by Sochi 2014 Partners' programs and obtain a memorable experience of the Games spirit.

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